Website design and redesigns in Wellington, New Zealand

Hosting and domains

Fast dedicated server-based hosting

All of our websites are hosted on a fast dedicated server running solid state disks. This means your website will load a lot faster then cheap alternatives such as shared hosting where your website would be crammed in with thousands of others. We do this to ensure that your website gets the best speed possible so that people viewing your website get the best experience possible with no slow downs.

We also create regular backups of your website files on our servers so your information is safe.


We can register and maintain a domain name for you provided someone else doesn't have it first. If you have an existing domain name we can log in, transfer or just point it to our server where your new website is hosted. The choice is yours.

If for any reason you want control of your domain name you can request a code to have it transferred to another domain name company. We can advise you on how to do this if needed.