Website design and redesigns in Wellington, New Zealand

Content management

We use SilverStripe as the content management system of choice for our websites. Designed and developed in Wellington, SilverStripe is the most widely used and trusted content management system for government websites in New Zealand.

SilverStripe allows us to implement requested functionality with relative ease and is less restrictive then the likes of Wordpress and Drupal in terms of what can be achieved within a short time frame.

It is also easier for website owners to learn and understand how to maintain and edit their website effectively and is less confusing than many other content management systems.

Content management system features

  • The ability to login and edit content quickly and easily
  • Add new pages to the website by yourself
  • You can add custom contact form pages
  • Set who has access to what pages on your website, create cms users and change their details
  • Built in file manager for keeping images and pdfs tidy
  • The CMS creates a history of changes which you can easily roll back if you have deleted or changed something by mistake
  • You can publish, unpublish or save draft pages to work on later
  • Shuffling, editing and deleting pages is an easy process
  • Editing and changing content in the CMS is very similar to working in Microsoft Word
  • Built in spelling checker.