Website design and redesigns in Wellington, New Zealand

Why choose us

We can meet with you in Wellington or talk over the phone followed up by email. The first step to creating a great website is to gather as much information from you as possible. We ask questions about the purpose, goals, target audience and content of your website.

Fast based hosting

All of our websites are hosted on dedicated servers, this means your website will load a lot faster then cheap alternatives such as shared hosting which usually means your website is crammed next many other websites making it slow.

We do this to ensure that your website gets the best speed possible so that people viewing your website get the best experience possible with no slow downs.

Fixed prices and we stay in touch

We provide you with fixed prices and no nasty surprises. We are very affordable and provide free quotes before any work is started. We are contactable during weekdays and the weekend, call us anytime.

Hand coded

We take pride in hand coding all of our work, you get what you pay for. We do not use templates with bulky code because it produces slower websites and makes them more difficult to maintain in the long run.

We give you complete control

Our content management system allows you to make changes to your website at any time without any additional fees. You can request a copy of the source files at any time, we will also give you the UDAI number for your domain name if needed.